If you are unsure about any of the services offered by Personal Statement Checker we are sure you'll find the answer on this page.

Am I allowed to use your services?

The services offered at are designed to be similar to the advice and support you may receive from your teachers, family members, and friends. As such there is no reason why you cannot use our packages. This is in keeping with the advice from UCAS.

Please note that this is very different to the services offered at other website where you may be asked to input your information in bullet-point format and the website personnel write a completely new fabricated personal statement for you. That is their work, not yours and it is tantamount to cheating. It is plagiarism and if you use those other website you run significant risk of plagiarism-dectection by UCAS.

Who runs is run by a team of doctors, lawyers and other professional graduates from Oxbridge and other top UK Universities. We have extensive experience with University admissions and personal statement editing.

Do you offer personal statement examples?

No, does not approve of supplying personal statement examples as these are often plagiarised. We encourage you not to plagiarise from sample personal statements online as this may lead to your offer being withdrawn.

What does the Checker package include?

The Checker package comprises of one Check and one free inclusive Review.

In a Check, you will upload your personal statement along with any other relevant details such as your AS level and predicted grades, and what Universities and Courses you are thinking of applying to. Our staff will then thoroughly analyse your personal statement assessing the content, flow, structure, vocabulary, spelling and grammatical issues. A report will be written which will be sent back to you within 96 hours with email notification. Also if you have any other comments or questions about your application you can upload these along with your personal statement and these will also be answered by our staff within 96 hours.

Reviews are conducted AFTER an initial Check. In a review you have one more opportunity to edit your personal statement and upload it to our staff along with any questions or comments you may have. Again, this will be thoroughly analysed and a report written for you within 96 hours. This is essentially so that you can "double-check" that you have made all the necessary changes to your personal statement.


Who checks personal statements?

Your personal statement will be analysed by our staff who are graduates from top UK Universities. Where possible, your statement will be analysed by an expert in your field of study.

I'm not sure which course I'm going to apply to, or which Universities to choose; can you help?

Yes we can certainly offer advice about University or Course choices. Simply give us details about which Universities and Courses you are thinking of applying to when you upload your personal statement. Please give us as much information about your reasons for or against any of the choices and we will offer you our very best expert opinion.

Can you help me decide between two different paragraphs/personal statements?

We know that sometimes you may have written two paragraphs and are unsure which one to use in your personal statement. In this case, please upload both and make it clear to our staff that you are trying to decide between them. We will look at both and give you our expert opinion. If you have written out two different personal statements, we will analyse both of them to help you decide which one to use. However please note that one package is for use by one person only. You may not upload personal statements from multiple people for checking/editing. No applicant is the same and no application includes the same work experience, hobbies, personal characteristics etc., so it will be immediately apparent if you are uploading another person's personal statement in addition to your own.

When will I receive the Checked statement?

We aim to process all orders within 96 hours. You will be notified by email when our staff have uploaded their comments and/or edited version of your statement. Although most orders are processed well before 96 hours, very occasionally it may take slightly longer due to unforeseen circumstances.

For an update on the status of your personal statement, please email


Will UCAS/University Institutions find out that I have used this website?

We are not affiliated with UCAS or any admissions department of any University. Also we do not pass on your details to any third party. Therefore no organisation apart from Personal Statement Checker Ltd will know that you have used the services offered at

What do you do with my personal details and my statement after I've finished using your services?

Your user account will remain active and the data stored on it will be visible only by you. Our staff are only able to view your personal statement, comments, grades achieved and your list of courses and universities you are intending to apply to. They cannot see your personal contact details. They cannot see any of your information once the order has been processed.

If you wish to have all of your information permanently deleted from our servers, please email

What payment methods can I use?

Currently, we accept payment only via secure Paypal. Paypal accepts all major credit and debit cards (including solo, switch and maestro) and is a completely secure gateway for making payments online. for more information please visit or email us at

Can you refund my payment?

If you are not satisfied with the service you have received please email

How can I upload a statement?

1. Log in and go to the "My Account" page.
2. Using the tabs, first select "Statement" and copy and paste your personal statement into the box on the left. Click "Save".
3. Add additional information such as specific questions about your statement or application. Click "Save".
4. Enter and Save as much information as possible about the Academic Qualifications you have gained, and also your University and Course choices.
5. Verify on your "My Account" page that you have entered all the necessary information.
6. Click "Upload". This will send your information to one of our admissions experts. You will receive a response within the timescale specified for the package you have purchased.
7. Once you receive your reply, you can enter a new updated version of your personal statement by using the drop down menus on your "Statement" page. Here you can also view different versions side-by-side.

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